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A gathering of Blues and soul music aficionados,musicians,promoters,booking agents,publishers,consultants,writers,artist,photographers and radio personalities delicated to preserving Blues and soul music,and letting people know that there is still some great music out there.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

After much debate with Clarksdale,Mississippi living Blues Blues Legend " Big" Jack Johnson,photo shown on the left at home in the Blues rich Mississippi Delta ,and with many lovers of the Blues and those who are in the music business to one degree or the other and after long, hard and thoughtful deliberation I came to realize that we, the lovers of Soul,Blues,Southern Soul,Rhythm and Blues are at the Cross Roads of the Blues.Which way should we go, left or right, or turn back the hands of time? I resolve that we should take some form of action to retrieve , preserve and show-case that which is our heritage and culture, the Blues. Therefore this Blog is the baby beginning to crawl, climbing up to stand to take it first steps. This blog is for those who are serious about the Blues and voiced a choice that something should be done. Be it known and resolved that we, the members of the Circle Of Friends Of The Blues are coming together in an effort to preserve and show-case the Blues. We who are, what in the industry is known as Indies. We who are musicians, promoters, booking agents, producers, writers, publishers, recorded music retailers, record labels, radio and club DJ's, Club owners, lovers of the Blues,and consultants agree that something has to be done to preserve the Blues Heritage and the integrity of the Blues. Our primary desire and focus will be and all out effort to preserve, promote and give assistance to those who are in the Indie field, and to consolidate when possible, and network with those who are in the Blues and Soul field and are considered Indies to secure viable contacts, promotions, concerts, and information via networking.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Deborah Coleman is unquestionably, as USA Today notes, "one of blues music's most exciting young talents." Though she has released four studio albums on the Blind Pig label that have firmly established her as one of the leading lights in the blues field, it has been her knockout live performances that have made her one of the hottest commodities on the contemporary scene.
Coleman has earned a well-deserved reputation for raw energy and crowd-pleasing shows. A highly charismatic stage performer, Coleman is able to stretch out in the live setting and demonstrate her considerable guitar skills. USA Today called her a "fiery guitarist who makes the spine tingle with her unbridled raw energy."
Among people seeing Coleman perform live for the first time, a common reaction is: "Wow, I like her records, and I knew she was good, but I didn't know she was this good." Coleman's first live recording, Soul Be It!, finally captures what Living Blues called her "fire on the fretboard flamboyance."
Given that outstanding live performances have been the hallmark of Deborah's artistry, it's fitting that she return to the live setting for her new release. Even the beginning of her professional music career was marked by a great live show - in 1993 she won a National Amateur Talent Search. The director recalls, "Coleman ruled, delivering a bone-rattling set to a capacity audience that almost shut down the contest with their demand that she perform repeated encores." Following her 1999 performance at the W.C. Handy Awards, Billboard called her "an artist to be reckoned with," noting that her incendiary playing "very effectively stole the scene." Later that year she turned in a stunning set at the San Francisco Blues Festival that had the crowd roaring its approval and critics searching for superlatives. In 2000 Coleman gave another highly impressive performance at the "Tribute To Muddy Waters" concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that wowed the crowd and generated a lasting buzz among the assembled critics and blues afficionados. For a little sample of Deborah check the link for theThe Soul Of Debroah

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hi I'm Donna Lynne, I'm a "non-writing" singer in need of original blues material to record on my debut cd.
Style wise I prefer an Etta James - BB King sound. I'm in Reno, Nevada where the resources are pretty limited. I would like to know if you could put me in touch with a writer(s) or someone that could help me find original songs? I also need an arranger to re-vamp covers. I would really appreciate any help you could offer. A little about me, I am the niece of Blues legend "Little" Joe Blue. Above is a picture of Joe & myself, this was one of the last photos we'd taken. He was in Los Angeles at Eve Jim studio where he was there working with Leon Haywood on his last CD, and, that was back in October of 1989, and I was there for moral support. He was so so sick, but he got through it! .... You know, to me he was just my uncle Joe, It wasn't 'till the last year that I got to know him as "Little Joe Blue" the artist. WOW what a fantastic entertainer he was. That man could sing & play that guitar. I used to play bass guitar back then, and I didn't know Joe the artist 'till I got to spend some quality time with him! What a loss ... You can reach me at

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Roni(Rhonda):Born January 25,19xx and raised in Mendenhall,MS. Rhonda is a not a mere amateur to the music scene. She began her singing at the age of 5 in her home church choir well into adulthood. Rhonda first came on the music scene as a background singer for Nathaniel Kimble then went on to background for Sir Charles Jones",the legendary Bobby Rush "The King of Southern Soul", and the amazing "Jazzy Jeff Floyd.
BigK9 From the Dawg Pound Said:Roni is A star on the rise. Her debut album "CALL ME" Is da bomb.It include the hit singles "Call Me","Love Grows","Not Gonna Beg" and my personal favorite "Wrong Place Wrong Time"(A tribute to the late Jackie Neal.)For more on this rising star see her web site Sexy Lady Of Southern Soul

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pat "Miss Equal Opportunity was Born Pat Rush September 14,19?? in Meridian, Mississippi.In grade school she participated in, and won, numerous talent shows as a part of her musical beginning. She attended Harris Jr. College, also in Meridian, where she joined a group called The Dynamics which later became The Commodores. As a child, her Idols and babysitters were Merdian natives David Ruffin(The Temptations) and Jimmy Ruffin,brother of David and a great professional singer and song writer.Pat was also influenced by Al "Show And Tell) Wilson. They pushed or inspired her to continue to sing and work hard. They gave her encouragement to be successful with her singing career. After Jr. college, Pat attended Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, Mississippi where she performed with numerous local and professional groups. After college, she moved to Jackson, Mississippi where she live at this time. She have performed with the following artists, either as a a part of their show or as the opening act, such as: B.B. King, Percy Sledge, Tyrone Davis, Bobby Rush, Al Green, Johnny Taylor, Willie Clayton,her hero and mentor. Pat have performed primarily in the south, but also in Detroit, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, St. Louis, San Fransisco, Long Beach, Milwaukee, Miami, Helsinki Finland and Amsterdam, Holland. Her wish is that this is only the beginning of a long streak of hit albums that You, the Public, will love and enjoy, and also that she will continue to give you only the best her music which she feel that You, the public, deserve. Please check her out at Pat Brown Miss Equal Opportunity

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Circle of Friends Of The Blues mission is to be a conduit for those who are in the music business to reach a broader audience, to get good music out through the underground if nothing else so that those who love good music can have a viable source of locating good music. The Cirlce Of Friends Of The Blues will be a gathering place and net work source for musicians and those who are in the music business, and those who just love good music. It will try to duplicate or build upon the foundation laid by the Magnolia Revue, Eldar Entertainment, and Scorpio Productions to name a few. The Circle Of Friends Of the Blues will do all it can to replicate the play bill posted, this was a true gathering of some of the best in the music business. Frankie Abts who is on the marketing side of things is looking into the possibility of producing an out doors festival some time next year at the Simon Este Park. Sheryl is gathering information on how to break into the casino market. With true and sincere support, this will be much more than a dream,but a reality and it can be a spring board so to speak. If some one has a better idea, please give a post of your comments you very much.