Circle Of Friends Of The Blues

A gathering of Blues and soul music aficionados,musicians,promoters,booking agents,publishers,consultants,writers,artist,photographers and radio personalities delicated to preserving Blues and soul music,and letting people know that there is still some great music out there.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

After much debate with Clarksdale,Mississippi living Blues Blues Legend " Big" Jack Johnson,photo shown on the left at home in the Blues rich Mississippi Delta ,and with many lovers of the Blues and those who are in the music business to one degree or the other and after long, hard and thoughtful deliberation I came to realize that we, the lovers of Soul,Blues,Southern Soul,Rhythm and Blues are at the Cross Roads of the Blues.Which way should we go, left or right, or turn back the hands of time? I resolve that we should take some form of action to retrieve , preserve and show-case that which is our heritage and culture, the Blues. Therefore this Blog is the baby beginning to crawl, climbing up to stand to take it first steps. This blog is for those who are serious about the Blues and voiced a choice that something should be done. Be it known and resolved that we, the members of the Circle Of Friends Of The Blues are coming together in an effort to preserve and show-case the Blues. We who are, what in the industry is known as Indies. We who are musicians, promoters, booking agents, producers, writers, publishers, recorded music retailers, record labels, radio and club DJ's, Club owners, lovers of the Blues,and consultants agree that something has to be done to preserve the Blues Heritage and the integrity of the Blues. Our primary desire and focus will be and all out effort to preserve, promote and give assistance to those who are in the Indie field, and to consolidate when possible, and network with those who are in the Blues and Soul field and are considered Indies to secure viable contacts, promotions, concerts, and information via networking.